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We service the following tachometers:
 (If you have one that you don't see in the list, give us a call chances are, we can probably fix it)

Faria (Rotunda, Mustang, Sprint, Falcon and etc.)
Air Guide
Stewart Warner

All Factory tachs
Sun 2 piece
 tachometers  repaired and converted to solid state, replacing the old battery operation.  The unit will then respond as good as new! This conversion can be installed in the transmitter box keeping the screw on the top to allow for adjustments.  Your other option is for us to install the circuitry directly into the tach head, leaving a hole in the back for adjustments if needed.  You can do away with the box if you wish and we take trade-in's towards the cost of your order.

     Contrary to popular belief, most of the Sun tach movements are repairable and can be reused. 

             We buy & trade tachometers, transmitter boxes and other parts.

Tachometer Sales:

Sun 2 piece tachometers are our specialty but we also have all other Sun products and other tachometers.
Just contact us and we might have what you are looking for.

Below is a sample of the 2 piece tachs that you would get with your order. You may have any dial you choose depending on period correctness and the size engine you are running. (See pictures below and excuse the pixelated look. We assure you, they are of the utmost in quality.) These are all printed in house and are not decals.
If you need a wire harness to go along with it, we have those as well.

Here is one of the articles Street Rodder Magazine has done on us.
They st
ated it so well, that we are going to restate part of the article!

Sun Tachometer Conversions:  Let the SUN shine!

For those of us who were young, impressionable hot rodders in the '50s and '60s, there was one piece of equipment that was absolutely mandatory for our cars, a Sun tachometer.  It seems as though any car with performance potential, real or imagined, was equipped with one. The only variation was the method of mounting. One method of mounting was to screw them to the top of the dash, presumably to be at "eye level," so the tach and flagman at the drags could be seen at the same time. Then, when the tach's needle hit the appropriate number, it would be in the line of sight for ultimate power shift. The other common method of mounting was somewhat more clandestine. Those who drove sleepers (typically, meek looking sedans with dog-dish hubcaps and lots of horsepower under the hood), strapped theirs to the steering column with a huge hose clamp so as not to give away any secrets. Regardless of where it was mounted, if your car was hot, it had a Sun two-piece tachometer.

These early tachs had a number of noteworthy features and their appearance was certainly one. The chrome face, as well as the distinctive mounting cup, set them apart from the other designs that were available. And of course, the fact that many big-time drag racers used them didn't hurt their popularity either. These tachs were also unique in that they required a separate transmitter. That's why they were referred to as the two-piece style. Usually located under the hood, the transmitter was specific to the engine and electrical system, such as six or eight cylinders and six or twelve-volts. The transmitter required four electrical connections: ground; distributor side of the coil; plus on the tach head; minus on the tach head. In addition to the components that sent the required signal to the tach, the transmitter featured a removable plug that gave access to an adjustment screw that could be used to stabilize the meter reading. It contained a unique 1.35-volt battery that made it all work.

Today, more and more builders are looking for traditional accessories that will add a period perfect touch to their street rods (or early muscle cars). One of the most sought after items is a two-piece Sun tach. While they are getting harder to find, the real problem is that the battery for the sending units is scarce--it hasn't been produced for quite some time. In addition, any two-piece tach you're likely to find is probably less than pristine. But don't fret, because for every problem, there is a solution. If the problem is how to make a Sun tach look good as new, and operate even better, the answer can be found at Williamson's Instrument Service.

Read more:   http://www.streetrodderweb.com/tech/0208sr_sun_tachometer/viewall.html

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